1. Complaints

1.1. The “Świat Krzeseł” store staff makes every effort so that the goods sent are free from defects and meet the customers’ expectations. The ordered products are carefully checked prior to sending.

1.2. The products have a warranty from the manufacturer, importer or seller which is applicable in Poland. The warranty period for each product is included in its description on “Świat Krzeseł” online store website pages. In the event of a complaint, the Customer should immediately contact the “Świat Krzeseł” store staff via e-mail (at:

1.3. All complaints shall be processed within 14 working days form the date of their receipt.

1.4. “Świat Krzeseł” “MAGOD Łukasz Karolak” store shall be liable for product defects in accordance with the applicable laws. In the case of sales other than consumer sales, implied warranty regulations contained in the Civil Code shall not apply.

6.5. The claimed goods shall be returned together with a description of the defect to: Świat Krzeseł, 60-650 Poznań, ul. Obornicka 229B/9. The claimed goods shall have their defect removed or be exchanged to goods free from defects.

6.6. Instead of defect removal offered by the seller, the Customer may demand an exchange for a product free from defects or instead of an exchange, demand removal of the defect unless making the product compliant with agreement in the manner chosen by the buyer is impossible or requires excessive costs compared to the method offered by Świat Krzeseł store.

6.7. The Customer shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement if the request for repair or exchange may not be fulfilled by “Świat Krzeseł” store or requires excessive cost from “Świat Krzeseł”. “Świat Krzeseł” store may offer other goods from its product range in consultation with the Customer, however the Customer shall not be obliged to consent.

6.8. In each of the above cases, if the fulfilment of Customer’s request requires delivery of a new or repaired product and requires from the Customer to return the goods to “Świat Krzeseł”, the cost of delivery shall be covered by “Świat Krzeseł” store.

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