The experience combined with the latest technology and technology used to manufacture our chairs means that the chairs purchased by you are products that meet the highest technical, 
ergonomic and quality requirements.
The design solutions and chemical materials used in the chairs meet the necessary requirements of safety and hygiene of use.
For the proper functioning and prolonging the lifetime of the chairs purchased by you, please observe the following rules:

1. Chairs should be used in accordance with their design and purpose. Due to the safety of the chair user, do not use the chair as a substitute for a ladder or a hanger.
2. The furniture should be placed on a leveled surface in order to maintain the stability of the seat. Do not lean out, do not sway on a chair.
3. Furniture should be used in closed, dry and protected rooms against adverse weather conditions, with relative humidity of 40-70% at a temperature of 10 -30 ° C.
4. The chairs should not be placed less than 1 meter from active heat sources.
5. Chairs should be protected from direct sunlight.
6. The coated surfaces of the chair should be protected against direct action of high temperature, water and solvents.
7. Painted surfaces of furniture should be protected against scratches and covering.
8. The chair should be vacuumed with a dry and clean cloth. For larger soils, you can use a soft cloth lightly moistened with water and mild detergents
(soap, washing liquid), then immediately dry the surfaces by wiping with a dry cloth. Do not use cleaning agents containing abrasives or solvents.
Chairs upholstered with fabrics should be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Upholstered upholstered chairs should be vacuumed with a soft dry cloth,
while the resulting stains should be washed with a soft cloth lightly damped in water with the addition of mild washing agents (if upholstery material requires removal of strong dirt,
cleaning should be ordered by a professional upholstery laundry).
9. We inform you about the need to prophylactically tighten the screws in the chairs.